Who is the dj?

Many people ask me who is the dj? It is only occupation or maybe more, some kind the way of life?


I believe that DJ’ing is a form of art. The purpose of this short piece is to explain my reasons for holding this belief. My goal is to convince the skeptics that DJs should be put into a similar category with other artists. Musicians, graphiti artists, painters, and photographers are all artists that have learned a skill.


A great disc jockey (DJ) can entertain a room with his or her extensive knowledge of music and is someone who wants to share their passion for music with the world.


Most DJs record demos, playlists and original music at home. Make sure the equipment you bring to the club compliments the equipment you use at home. For example, if you’re a hip-hop DJ, you’ll probably want to invest in a scratch/battle mixer, sample packs at home to simulate a competition environment.


From Tiesto to DJ Jazzy Jeff, the world’s most popular and talented DJs have built their success without the need for any type of formal training. DJ schools, workshops and classes are all still a relatively new concept, no doubt existing to fill the void and help new businesses generate revenue.