How to make EDM music: from theory to practice in 5 minutes

Making music is mostly about love. All you do, you should do with love. But you need more than love. You will need some knowledge. And here it is:

How to make edm music

Makink music is love

In many music genres it has been different and it all began when someone thaught that it would be nice to repeat his amazing celesta solo:

So that few years later someone could put it here:

It could be a brief history of music for me. However it is about only one, of many genres. We do want to know how to make electronic beats. Let’s Put aside the comuputer and DAW programs. We should get the feeling inside and try to communicate with your listeners.

To do so, you can think of your song like of divided to sentences and words. These are:

  1. The melody
  2. The chords
  3. The beats

The melody can be the main thought which is accompanied by sentences that are represented as chords. And the chords are made with single beats which represent words. Now if you make such song, it will not rock the charts. You also need some dynamics, like prases, songs, choruses. It is also needed sometimes to decrease tempo.

The sudden decrease of tempo is called drop. This is always followed by the breakdowns and build-ups. Remember to always build up some energy for the drop. This is all the theory for present. I think it is also good to think about what do you work with. I think about the samples. They should be always from a legal source. That is why I wrote about the love in the first place. Show some love to your fellow artists and buy good samples. It is like saying “Hi! You did a great job here! I support you so you concentrate on this!”

If you agree with me, you can get over 1GB of free legal sample packs at All you need is to register and “buy” them for $0.

Friderick Chopen

It is all about samples. Sample is round like a loop and loop comes from packs.