Hardcore Music: How To Start Perforoming

We make this music for some time now. Hardcore is our life, isn’t it? The answer is yes! We have a large hardcore samples library and even bigger library of hardcore tunes made by our friends or people we don’t know personally but surely we respect them. We spend hours, days and weeks in front of computer screens just to adjust these hardcore samples to make the best beats possible.

When we go to sleep about 5 am we wish we have just came back from raves like Master of Hardcore or Syndicate. Or at least a decent club in a large city. It is a dream which can not be fulfilled. Is it so?

How to start

You really should try Dj’ing. Play your tunes in front of crowds to get even more into your passion. Sounds like pure dream? Well, it does not have to be this way.

The most difficult thing actually is to go to nearest club and ask. Do not expect money, expect experience and new friends. Expect fans. Music needs to be heard. Make your first set about 30 minutes. Prepare all the tracks, equip yourself with some extra effects, take your computer and you do not need much more for start. Most of the clubs have complete soundsets in posession.

Be sure to have a Plan B ready to use. You will never know how people will react. Follow them and guide them in the same time. It takes time to be good at this. The best thing is to start by showing off to your friends. Perform a little gig for them and see if they dance. If they do, you are ready to go for a gig.

Do not give up or you will end before you start

In many cases first gig can be a disaster. I can remember my first performances in empty club playing my music for four walls. Right now it is different. Now I made friends with other Djs and, more importantly, with my followers. They wait for every single new tune!

if you would like to learn more, there is a nice article for you about how to get soundcloud followers since Souncloud is the place to place your music first. This is a place to start with. A social media for musicians and fans.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. And I hope you will wisit me again: here and at my gig 🙂