Hardcore Kicks Invasion: Immersive High Quality Advanced Sample Pack

Hardcore Kicks Invasion: The Introductory

Big time update guys, for every fan of hardcore and hardstyle genres this is going to be what you’ve all been waiting for HQ sample packs, from the best manufacturers out there. Alternatively we have another segment of the site in which we are going to post full free sample packs which can be downloaded without any problems.
We are going to start up with music production tools like Hardcore Kicks, synths, and many more for the most amazing genres you’ve all love. Later we are going to post pack with sounds from different genres because it will help you with the creativeness and the variety will fill up the gaps for other users of our site.
Lets talk about our first update, hardcore kicks invasion is simply great sample pack for all of you producers who search for a large bundle containing +2000 samples for hardcore and hardstyle.
Basicaly everything you need to fill up those libraries with high quality tool to create full blown tracks. Therefore there is nothing to complain even if you are a person who has little time for the production we’ve check and the pack contains multisamples and full construction kits. So guys check up the demo and hear for yourself the amazing quality of this great sample pack. Check it up below.

Check Up hardcore Kicks Invasion: Here

hardcore kicks invasion

Sample Pack Content

68 Big Kicks
71 Dark Kicks
32 Destroyed Kicks
27 Digital Kicks
48 Filtered Kicks
53 Hard Kicks
32 Noise Kicks
106 Nord Kicks
40 Sqeeze Kicks
47 Warm Kicks

Bonus Kicks:
30 Distorted Kicks
27 Extreme Kicks
41 Filtered Kicks
153 Hard Kicks
32 Offbeat Sounds
119 Spicy Kicks

FX Sounds:
13 Dark Fx
10 Noise Fx
24 Offbeat Sounds
12 Reverbkicks

11 voice phrases

48 Melody Synthlines
25 Sequential Synthlines

Angry Kick
Basic Hard Kick 1
Basic Hard Kick 2
Basic Hard Kick 3
Basic Hard Kick 4
Basic Hard Kick 5
Basic Hard Kick 6
Basic Hard Kick 7
Bleep Kick
Clicking Kickbass 1
Clicking Kickbass 2
Creeping Kick 1
Creeping Kick 2
Dirty Kick 1
Dirty Kick 2
Dirty Kick 3
Growling Kick
Hardcore Kick 1
Hardcore Kick 2
Hardcore Kick 3
Hardcore Kick 4
Hardcore Kick 5
Hardcore Kick 6
Hardcore Kick 7
Hardcore Kick 8
Hardcore Kick 9
Hardcore Kick 10
Hardcore Kick 11
Hardcore Kick 12
Hard-Hitting Kick
Invasion Kick 1
Invasion Kick 2
Invasion Kick 3
Invasion Kick 4
Jump Kick
Mad Kick
Massive Kick 1
Massive Kick 2
No Kick 1
No Kick 2
No Kick 3
Pitch Kick
Power Kick 1
Power Kick 2
Power Kick 3
Power Kick 4
Power Kick 5
Power Kick 6
Psy Kick
Rate Reducer Kick 1
Rate Reducer Kick 2
Sloping Kick
Squeaky Kick 1
Squeaky Kick 2
Tidal Kick