Pioneer HDJ-1500 Headphones: The Ultimate Review

Pioneer HDJ-1500: The Introduction

Above the many years, there are already a handful of requirements inside the DJ market. And it is reasonably protected to say that Pioneer have had a lot more than their honest share. DJMs and CDJs have very a lot held the club scene for any lengthy time, and it is nearly particular the DJ stood in front of them stood a pair of Pioneer HDJ-1000s lay upon their scalp, hung round their neck, or gently spread around the booth.
But even specifications require an update sometimes, and that is what the Pioneer HDJ-1500 headphones are. Acquiring redeveloped the top and base ends in the DJ headphones foods chain, the space while in the center was due to have an overhaul – and what a fashionable change it truly is.

The Unboxing

Pioneer offer you a pretty typical while in the box experience – a soft bag, a detachable and lockable flexible cable along with the necessary 1/4” adaptor. Would seem that companies possess the common sense to go with all the minijack common for mobile products and supply the adapter as of late. The box is definitely an physical exercise in flow. It’s time for makers to consider an extended tough check out just how much of their the labels is completely wasted. Not just Pioneer, so really do not get it personally.
It’s worth mentioning the not compulsory hard case. The Pioneer HDJ-1500 s aren’t inexpensive or light-weight, so it might properly be worth paying the hard case insurance quality.

Given the traditions, it can make sense don’t run away as well far through the traditional HDJ-1000 looks. Whilst currently being radically updated, the HDJ-1000 DNA is obviously there. It’s not so apparent within the Black pair I’ve here, but is unique within the Silver PR shots. Out of the blue the 1000s search really old.
Pioneer have also created in hereditary materials from their flagship HDJ-2000 headphones as well. The headband is additional or less identical and give the Pioneer HDJ-1500 a substantially more modern appear and really feel. The loved ones similarity is strong here.
On your head, they’re sleek and very low profile. The hinge components stick out somewhat just since the 1000s did, but I’m positive the upgraders will pleasant that anyway. Stealth DJs will probably be pleased with the Black ones, but people wishing to dress in the Pioneer badge with satisfaction need to do for the Silver.

The Appearence of Pioneer HDJ-1500

Pioneer HDJ-1500

In spite of their reputation, the 1000s broke. A good deal. So this was a great chance to clean the slate fresh, reset the QC counter and make sure the HDJ-1500s did not suffer the exact same concerns. It’s clear that training are learned, as well as the a lot easier but larger top quality development is really a proof of that.
The Pioneer HDJ-1500 s certainly are a combination of matt silicone come to feel cheap and coated magnesium alloy. They nevertheless come complete using the normal screws and covers to allow maintenance. Which reminds me, the hinges are upgraded from the 1000s at the same time. And they also ought to be as this was the vulnerable spot that normally broke 1st. Devoid of carrying out fragile surgical procedure, the typically fragile spot seems to become a solid moulded piece fitting into alloy parts. I genuinely can not see how these will crack the exact same way because the old ones. Nevertheless time will tell on that 1.

The pads are produced from plastic and memory foam. Fairly usefully, the ear pads is often changed using the significantly additional comfy HDJ-2000 pads, as well as the locking cable would be the same at the HDJ-500. Therefore for most likely dress in and tear issues, Pioneer have you protected.
All round, they truly feel totally lovely – strong, weighty and are creak and rattle free. They flex and return without complaining and also have taken really a beating in my hands. For all those worrying about yet another broken pair of Pioneer HDJ-1500, I’d say the probabilities of that happening are significantly less now.

Comparison of flagship headphones

Given that I feel the HDJ-2000s are one particular the very best sounding headphones around, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 s possess a good deal to live as much as. Testing on their own, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 provide a very noisy and total sound. They are perhaps somewhat full inside the mids for me, nevertheless do supply a very fantastic sound no matter my own individual preferences. Figuring out that people will want a evaluation, the 2000s certainly are a minor quieter and in addition for me far more enhanced. I’d be a lot happier together with the 2000s for solely listening, but for DJing I’m flawlessly happy with either.

Whenever looking at the ear pads, I considered that solitude could be a problem. However I was wrong. With no obtaining complex measuring instruments out that I do not truly very own, I couldn’t actually tell the main difference among the Pioneer HDJ-1500 and 2000s i.e. it is fantastic, and in the event the PR would be to be thought, it’s technologically much better than the 1000s by some 4dB.

The pads, the two head and ear, are a bit company. Particularly the width in the ear pads combined with the memory foam’s firmness do make them feel a tad positioned on my head instead of staying a snug fit. I’ll counter my personal viewpoint here together with the proven fact that I’m switching between the 1500s and 200os for comparative exams for this critique, and there is practically nothing fairly as cozy because the head sex that is definitely the HDJ-2000.
That stated, as a result of the heavyweight development, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 cans do move close to a little more that I’d like when I’m acquiring all head-bobbing. But if you are much more of a heads down form of DJ, these new headphones will serve you nicely. But I’d possibly drop the additional L25-30 to the HDJ2000 pads myself, or possibly give the less expensive Zomo third-party ones a go.

With the hinges and pivots, the cups rather happily fold up in to the head band with out an issue. So bag space is not a be concerned. Just bear in mind that if you go for the really hard situation option, that’ll consider up additional room.

Last Features and Summary

Having them in isolation, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 headphones are superb. I’m most likely being picky together with the comfort challenge simply because I normally have a problem with anything on my head. Nevertheless, I think for many potential clients, the question is whether the Pioneer HDJ-1500 headphones certainly are a worthy update to the now somewhat ancient HDJ-1000s. For me, the solution is really a resounding yes. I under no circumstances liked them, so I can see the place the changes have already been made, but the legacy has become preserved. Purists will want the Silver model, however the Black model is stunning to the eye at the same time.
Value smart, these are pitched with the same level as prior to. And in case you had been prepared to pay out that a lot for your HDJ-1000s, you will be incredibly content without a doubt with the 1500s. Appears wise, they are present day but not forgetting their heritage and also the good quality is reliable leap up in the 1000s and every one of the regular vulnerable spots are replaceable. Get with confidence, but if you can, consider them on initial.