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Electro House Multisamples: Professional Samples Loops and Multisamples

Electro House Multisamples: Think New Think Smart.

With the emergence of new styles and genres the wave of new born talents in music production industry has made it’s step forward.
Electro house is becoming a bit abandoned by some of music creative djs and producers, because new genres and style gave them new ways to express themselves. We can show that electro house can be creative and fresh with new loops and samples made by our manufacturers. With Electro House Multisamples we tried to achieve the balance between the newest production technologies and freshness of new brave ideas implied. Our samples will unleash the best creative ideas you’ve are capable of.

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electro house multisamples


The Content:

Samples are ripped key after key in minimum of five octaves which gives them really expressive quality feeling.
Below you’ll find the description of what you can find in the pack:

– 33 electro-house multisamples
– Perfect for modern club tracks
– Formats: SF2, GIGA, SXT, WAV
– Size after unpacking archive: 961 mb / format, 1.8 GB / all formats
– Average 29 MB / instrument
– Minimum 5 octaves / instrument
– Sampled all keys [half-tone]
– Hot & Fat Sound

Multisamples index

Bad Dark Lead 1
Bad Dark Lead 2
Bad Dark Lead 3
Bad Dark Lead 4
Beep 1
Beep 2
Dynamic Bass 1
Dynamic Bass 2
Electro Lead 1
Electro Lead 2
Fast Panning Pad
Fat Bass 1
Fat Bass 2
House Chords
House Dynamic Lead 1
House Dynamic Lead 2
House Dynamic Lead 3
Melody House Lead
Metal Shock 1
Metal Shock 2
Moment Of Peace 1
Moment Of Peace 2
Noise Panning
Pitch Attack 1
Pitch Attack 2
Short Complement 1
Short Complement 2
Square 1
Square 2
Square 3
Uptime Noise Lead
Uptime Pad