7.1 Surround Sound Sample: Free Surround Sample Packs

7.1 Surround Sound Sample: and other versions: The Introductory

Hey there hardcore and hardstyle fanatics, soon we will come up with a nice hardcore sample pack update since the last one. This time we have something a bit special I guess. 7.1 Surround Sound Sample is the thing which is getting much much more recognition, and is getting popular nowadays, Sample manufacturers are getting aware of that I can assure you. So this time we are giving you a large portion of the new stuff we’ve been tweaking with. A nice large sample pack containing surround samples 5.1 and 7.1. If you are not familiar with this great concept this is a brilliant way to get to know whats been cooking all this time in sample pack buisness. So without further a due click the link below to get your copy of the sample pack.

Download the Free 7.1 Surround Sound Sample Pack here!

7.1 surround sound sample

The Content

The sounds and samples were recorded with the best microphones available to date. This will show you that this amazing free sample pack is of highest value and quality.
You will receive high variety of sound and samples recorded in surround aesthetics. So if you are curious about the new technologies considering sample pack manufacturing, check out this pack it is royalty free you can do everything you want with it.