how to choose sample pack suites to you dj style

Before you start producing amazing tracks You have to choose samples pack which will suites to you djs style.

How to choose sample pack suites to you dj style.

Your style starts at birth, I really believe that.  If you think about your entire life, everything you have done, everything you have seen, everything you are contributes to your style as a DJ.  Everye experience  of your past and present directly contributes to who you are as a DJ.

DJ stle - sample pack
Considering though that DJs love tips and lists, I have compiled a series of questions to ask yourself.  Remmember dig deep and try every think!!

dj style – sample pack

First decide what music would You like to create:

Stretch yourself to the max.  Find what you’re really good at (are you good at drops, cuts, long blends, creating music on the fly) – i know it sounds easy true taht hard work will guide you in the right direction.

Remmember keep hard working to find your dj style – sample pack or melodic trap sample pack.