Hardcore Samples Invasion – 2006 HC sounds and loops

Hardcore Samples Invasion – 2006 HC sounds and loops


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Hardcore Samples Invasion is a great collection of mad, crushing, dark, sharp and scary samples. If you turn in climates Hardcore, Gabber, Terrorcore, Speedcore, etc, I think you will find something special for yourself. Especially if you do not want to repeat the sequences of their songs and sounds hackneyed and looking for something new, you might be pleasantly surprised. Here you can find a variety of sounds and sequences from the mystery of textures, to sharp hardcore loops, noise kicks, explosions, crushing effects, synth loops enraged.


Fragment described by the producer:

Hardcore Samples Invasion is a sharp-edged, devastating and horrifying slaughter nicely combined with melodic synthetic lines and mysterious textures. Recommended for hardcore, grabber and heavier hardstyle tunes. If you really are in need for extreme experience, we encourage you to purchase this sample pack.



– 2006 most powerful samples for hardstyle, hardcore, gabber music

– Possible building whole tunes from scratch only on the basis of this sample pack

– Wide range of samples: drums, sounds, fx, synths, loops, pads, textures

– Very powerful, heavily distorted and devastating sound

– Size: 1 GB after unpacking

– Wav format

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